Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy includes the customer's data that we take with utmost care with the aim to protect as much as we can. This includes their personal information like full name, email address, mailing address, credit/debit card information, password, etc. There are two types of information that we seek from you:


Personal Information: This involves your full name, contact number, mailing address, email contact, and credit card number. Initially when a visitor does the login with us we ask for full name, email address, username and password so that he or she may get the benefits like getting latest updates, newsletters or purchase our products and services. For buying the products there is a need to enter the credit card number, postal address, contact number, etc. since without this information further process cannot be carried. Since we take all your information it is our sole duty to protect them all and we do that with ensurity using the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that encrypts the data and saves to the database of payment gateway providers.


Non-Personal Information: It involves the generic information such as number of visits on page, date of the visits, total time taken for the website visit at a moment, IP address and browser type that are never used to reveal the personal information of an individual. This helps us improve our site since less number of visits asks for more improvement and lots of visits helps us maintain the good quality.


Following are the reasons why we take the above information:

1. For completing the transaction

2. To improve the website

3. To improve the purchasing experience

4. To enhance customer service

5. For enabling ourselves to send you timely emails


We assure you that we do not reveal anyone's identity or personal information for self gain unless that data needs to be used for further process gets done. For example, without your credit card information the transaction won't be done; without your postal/mailing address your order cannot reach its destination. And you won't get any update regarding your order if you don't provide us your contact number for further assistance. The order delivery requires involvement of third party and hence in such a case we provide them your information. The moment our purpose is done to serve you your information is taken back to us and the involved party does not take any sort of advantage.


Third Party Links

Sometimes occasionally we include third party products and/or services via some website links to which we don't own anything. Such kinds of products and services have their own specific terms and conditions and privacy policies and for those who are interested in them and visit those links have to go through the whole information all over again.



Cookies or simply cookie is the data file which is sent by the website in order to track down the user's activities. Next time when a user visits the same site again the web browser sends the cookies to the server so that the server keeps record of the previous and current visits; for instance, how many times the web page has been visited, what buttons were previously clicked. Cookies can also save the credit card information and passwords. These usually are useful to track the shopping cart of the customer. The users may block the cookies if they want but certain activities cannot be accomplished and there will be limitation.


Privacy Policy Alterations

We have the right to alter, delete or modify the privacy policy without notice. The user must check and re-read the information given here from time to time. The new privacy policies will be applicable right after the modifications done. The usage will be applicable as per the new privacy policies' statements.