Q. I am using the contact lenses for the first time. Will I be able to get used to them soon?

A. Some people have sensitive eyes, some don't. Some require just a day to adjust and some take two weeks or even more. Some people never adjust to contact lenses but those are very few. This clearly indicates that it all depends on the physical condition of your eyes.


Q. How to care my contact lenses?

A. Certain steps need to be followed while owning a pair of contact lenses. One may go through various informative articles where each step is carefully explained. For those who use disposable ones don't need to do anything since these are worn for just a day.


Q. I have dislocated my lens while wearing and cannot find them. What do I do?

A. The lens sometimes reaches the upper eyelid, therefore you may find that in that area. If you still don't find it you may contact an eye specialist to remove it.


Q. Can I allow my child to wear the lenses?

A. Children need extra care while wearing the lenses' pair with careful instructions of their parents but it will be best if you contact the eye specialist for seeking proper suggestion.


Q. What varieties of lenses are available?

A. Contact lenses are made of different materials and according to the usage there are colored contacts, bifocal contacts, conventional soft contacts, orthokeratology contact lenses, Ultra Violet blocking contacts, Astigmatism contact lenses and conventional rigid gas permeable contacts.


Q. Why do I find disposable contact lenses more expensive than those that are used regularly for long term?

A. Since disposable lenses are discarded at the end of the day there are no chances of getting any kind of infection. Also one does not need any solution as disinfectant in this case which makes perfect sense for being expensive.


Q. Which is the best place to purchase where I may get the best contact lens?

A. Contact lens could be buy from anywhere and these are easily available but online purchase is recommended since you may find multiple brands at a time with just a few clicks and also such purchasing is of reasonable rate. One of the best advantages of online shopping is easy return.


Q. Is it possible to buy contact lens without any prescription?

A. One must first visit the doctor, get the fitting test done and get the prescription before wearing the contact lens since it is best for one's own safety.


Q. I was recommended the spectacles of bifocal lenses. Can I have bifocal contact lenses?

A. Yes, absolutely you can. No worries.


Q. How to place an order for contact lenses?

A. It is very simple. We have a user friendly web interface that enables the user browse and select the most suitable pair of lenses, upload the prescription and place an order.


Q. My eye specialist wants me to visit his clinic on weekly basis after I started using contact lens. Why?

A. Some people face difficulties like dry eyes, irritation, etc. right after using the lens which indicates that lenses are creating troubles and need effective measures to resolve. Your eye care specialist wants to make sure that there are no such issues.