Shipment Policy

There are two methods through which we dispatch all the orders. These differ in the price and the time to be taken for the delivery. These are the following:

1. FedEx

2. Airmail


If you choose FedEx then it will cost you $25 and will take around 3 to 5 days. On the other hand, if you go for Airmail the price will be $15 and will require 5 to 7 days for the order's delivery. If you place your order on a holiday then it will be dispatched the next day, else it gets dispatched on the same day if we have that in stock. If we face some kind of difficulty regarding the order you will be notified soon via the contact number you provide to us. This will be done personally by our customer care representative.


Custom Duties

We won't be held responsible for the charges or taxes that is asked at your local post office as per your country's rules and policies. So, in case if your order gets stuck in between you will need to contact the local authorities for the same.


Verification Call

After your order is confirmed our customer service department will contact you via making a call on the contact number you provided to us, as part of the verification process. Kindly make sure that you pick the phone call. If due to certain circumstances you don't attend the call then you must inform us the most suitable time through mailing us so that we make the call on that particular timing.