Air Optix Aqua Multifocal (6 Lenses)

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Air Optix Aqua Multifocal Contact Lenses

c provide comfortable and healthy wear for patients with presbyopia.

Crystal Clear

Air Optix Aqua Multifocal are monthly contact lenses designed for daily wear. Thanks to their new Precision Transition Design technology they provide clear vision at all distances.

All Day Moisture

Air Optix Aqua Multifocal Contact Lenses are equipped with the AQUA Moisture System, which lubricates, promotes moisture retention, and ensures excellent comfort throughout the wearing period.

The Highest Oxygen Permeability

Air Optix Aqua Multifocal have five times higher oxygen permeability than hydrogel contact lenses. Moreover, they have the highest oxygen permeability out of all silicone hydrogel multifocal and hydrogel contact lenses.