B4, Daily Wear Conventional Lens

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B4, Daily Wear Conventional Lens (1 Lenses/box)

If you are first time contact lens user you are naturally a little anxious about the experience. The B4 is just the lens that you are looking for. Once you try and use these you will never go for another lens. Now you can get your myopia and hypermetropia corrected while wearing your lenses daily. B4 comes with a unique spin-cast technology that keeps the moisture level constant and gives a spark to your eyes. They are extremely durable lenses and are easy to handle. They are made of polymacon in a computer-controlled process. The B4 contact lens is the first choice of lenses for new contact lens wearers. It provides for excellent vision with handling comfort at a great price make them the most popular lenses in India. The lenses offer reliable performance and great value. The water content of 38.6% for durability and reduced protein deposits.